Specialised Staff


Staffed by doctors, consultants and nursing sisters, who have a special interest in TRAVEL MEDICINE and who have specialist qualifications to cater for your travel health requirements.

Modern Facilities


Equipped with STATE-OF-THE-ART modern refrigeration facilities in order to ensure optimal maintenance of vaccines and other medication at ideal temperatures. 

In-House Pharmacy


We have a well-stocked PHARMACY on the premises that is staffed by a qualified pharmacist who can assist you with all your medication and other requirements for your journey. 

appointmentCentrally Located in Sandton

We are part of a sophisticated multi-disciplinary facility, centrally situated in Sandton with easy access from major highways, Sandton shopping centres and many international hotels. The Sandton Travel Clinic is part of the Family Medicine Practice of Dr Grant Dalziel and Dr Peta Lynn Jearey.

Travel Insurance

Enquire about Travel Insurance at Sandton Travel Clinic – Our insurance is medically approved and highly recommended.

Get Cover


Ask about special vaccines that are recommended for specific destinations. Ensure that you are up to date with all your immunizations.

Stay Protected

Travel Advice

General travel advice including prevention and treatment of Traveller’s Diarrhoea, Malaria, Insect Bite Avoidance, Sunburn and Heat Exhaustion.

Our Team