Immunization is an essential component of Preventative Medicine and an important part of Family Medicine. Please ask the Doctor or Nursing Sister for advice regarding your immunization status.

Adult Immunization

Adult immunization is often neglected and many adults do not realise that they need booster doses of the childhood vaccines in order for immunity to be sustained. Furthermore, new vaccines are becoming available all the time and these should be considered in all patients.

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  • QUADRA – the 4 in 1 vaccine against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Polio.
  • GARDASIL AND CERVARIX (HPV vaccine) – essential for all women from 12 years of age to prevent HPV related (wart virus) disease of the cervix (cancer of the cervix) in later life.
  • FLU VACCINE – this needs to be repeated annually in March/April to prevent seasonal flu.
  • ZOSTAVAX – Shingles vaccine, essential for everyone over 50 years of age to prevent Shingles (Zoster) which is a particularly painful and often severe disease.
  • MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE – against meningitis

We carry out all routine baby and child immunization and all the nursing sisters have had special training in immunization protocols and techniques.

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Dr Peta Lynn Jearey

Ask me or my Nursing Sister for advice regarding your immunization status.

Travel Vaccines Available

Travel Vaccines are additional vaccines that are required or recommended for travel to various areas. Our travel consultants will advise you in this regard.

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